About Yvonne Callahan

My name is Yvonne Callahan and I want to tell you why I am your best choice for buying or selling your home. I am a 19 year resident who grew up in the DFW area and has recently taken the next step in my real estate career. I started with doing “flips” and developing rental properties. I have developed a keen eye for staging, design and many of the pitfalls when buying or selling homes. Now through a partnership with DFW Home Properties, I am offering my extensive background and knowledge to assist in the buying or selling of your home. Through my experience of being both a buyer and seller you gain expertise not widely available in the marketplace. My expertise is rooted in real world experience and knowing what is necessary to successfully stage and market your home to achieve the highest price for your investment.  I can guide you in seeing many potential problems.  My experience is invaluable in making sure your purchase or sale is not full of unexpected surprises. I will  insure you have a wonderful, happy experience.


Testimonials ….

“About two years ago we bought a great house in desperate need of an update.  Yvonne was our interior designer and contractor.  She offered creative ideas and solutions while working within our budget constraints.  She communicated daily and was very responsive to all of our questions and concerns.  She delivered a beautifully remodeled/updated home that our family loved living in.  Two months ago, we needed to move and reluctantly put our beautiful home on the market.  We put the “For Sale” sign in the yard on a Friday afternoon and the house sold during its first showing, by 10:30 The following morning!  Ours was the 40th house the buyers had seen and the buyers stated, “The design and feel of the house reached out and wrapped us in its arms.  The showing lasted two hours because we couldn’t make ourselves leave the house!”  We sold the house for a $110,000 more than we paid for it, just 24 months ago!
Yvonne knows houses.  Her design and advice are the reason for the huge profit we made in such a short time.  We only wish we had known Yvonne had become a realtor in the past two years so we could have used her as our realtor.  We wholeheartedly can recommend her to anyone who needs to sell their home.  She has a great eye and can guide you through the process of getting your home SOLD!” –  Cathy Williamson

“Yvonne is wonderful! I have been leasing a home from her in the Preston Hollow area for a year now and we could not be happier with our choice! The home was built in 1952 and remodeled by Yvonne a couple of years ago. She truly has an eye for making an older home look updated and nothing short of gorgeous! Yvonne is going to be an awesome realtor! She has great communication skills, and knows the housing business inside and out. This paired up with her ability to remodel and stage a home perfectly…a winning combo!” – Wendy Cerullo, Dallas, TX

“My husband and I waited years to remodel our bathroom. We were seeking the right general contractor. We found that person in Yvonne. Her attention to detail, listening, adapting, saving money in the right places, finding capable trades people were just a few of the contributions she made to our perfect bathroom.  We proudly recommend Yvonne if we decided to sell our home. I trust she would execute the same level of service in the sale and or purchase of new residence.” – Sue B. Flower Mound, TX

“Yvonne’s humility is dumbfounding to me. She has an absolute God given gift for this business. She humbly thinks that “everybody knows” what she knows and “everybody sees” what she sees. There is nothing further from the truth. She is able to glance at a property online or driving by and tell you in 30 seconds how to increase the value in her eyes. I am not kidding when I tell you I know she has done it. She sees the whole picture from the buyer, the seller, AND the investors view point. She just sees it. No amount of training or continuing ed, or books, or mentor or any man fueled education can teach what God has given this woman naturally. She is the easy choice because she is easy to work with. Direct. Friendly. And cares as much about your feelings as your investment. She tells the truth.” – Abby Greeves


3424 Camden SOLD in record time… the DFW Home Properties Way and Yvonne, once again, made it happen!

Jon Carlos and Palmira Ramos

We LOVE working with Yvonne! She made it happen!