Why won’t the listing agent show me their listing if I have a Buyer’s Agent?

You see a sign in the yard and the house looks amazing from the outside.  You are anxious to see the house inside.  So, you call the listing agent.

“I am calling about 123 Main street.  How much is it and can you show it to me?” is what you say.

The agent replies, “It is listed at $300,000.  Are you currently working with an agent?”

You say, “Yes, I am but she can’t show it to me now.”  or “I have an agent, but she is out of town and I want to see it now!”

The listing agent then asks for your agent’s name and number and you blow a gasket because “How dare she?  She is getting paid on the listing side of this deal!!!  Why would she NOT show me this house?  Why does she need my agent’s name and number?”

The reason she needs your agent’s name and number is simple.  If you have signed a Buyer representaion agreement with another agent, the listing agent will need to call your agent to verify that and to keep the “legalities” in order.  She also wants to work out an agreement as to what she will get paid if the listing agent shows the house.

People automatically assume that the listing agent is asking for 6% and giving away 3% of that to a Buyer’s agent.  That is not necessarily so.  The listing agent may be getting only 4% or 5%  or even just 3% and giving away 3% to any licensed agent who brings him/her a Buyer.  A listing agent does not want to give away 3% of her commission if she has to show her own listings.  That is the reason for offering 3% in MLS to a Buyer’s agent in the first place!

So before you get all huffy and puffy.  Please take the time to consider that the listing agent is more than willing to help you and your agent, for a small fee.  So, if he/she asks you.  Give her the info.  In the long run, it will be a win-win situation and I’m sure your Buyer’s agent would appreciate the listing agent helping her for a small fee.